Our Travel Trailer is a very high quality rig backed by a highly regarded manufacturer. We paid more to get more and we got more. But that doesn't mean I can't make a few improvements and some personalizing...
Screen Door Cross Bar
Flag Pole
Tire Pressure
Management System

Decals & Bling
Porch Light & Security
Door Locks
Propane Monitor
New Mattress
Odds & Ends
Flagpole Light

Screen Door Cross Bar. I don't know why these screen doors didn't come with a cross bar but they didn't. So I got two standard Camco Screen Door Cross Bars and installed them. The screen door is now extremely rigid and if you can't change what you're holding to your right hand you can still have solid support to climb the steps.

Had to do this... I always fly the Flag. We don't have to leave America because we love America, sorry Libs...

The Flagpole Buddy is okay. Not the best design I can imagine but good enough.

  • Wife: I don't think the refridgerator is working right...
  • Me: What?
  • Wife: [Opens refridgerator door and stares inside... And stares inside... And stares inside...]

  • eThermometer, Refridgerator and Freezer wireless sensors.

You need a TPMS! (Tire Pressure Management System.)
Me: I need a TPMS like a moose needs a hat rack!
To date I've looked at two TPMS products.
I've also returned two TPMS products.
Basic overview: You unscrew the tire's valve stem cap
and screw on a TPMS valve stem cap
that contains a battery and
some sensors (air pressure and temperature),
and a radio chip to communicate with a main display/controller.

In both instances half of the TPMS valve stem sensor caps
were either grossly inaccurate or were DOA.

And in both instances the products took forever (10 to 15
minutes or longer) to update the main display/controller.

And in both instances the instructions were written in Chinglish...

The TPMS is a great idea, I might try one more product...

I reinstalled the TireMinder from the Class A to the Trailer.

You need the website name on the RV! And you need to trash it up with travel decals and such...
Did that...

Added a solar-charged motion-detection exterior light to both sides of the front of the trailer. Also added Blink cameras. An external camera on the Living Room slide for security (I move it to the front of the rig when the awning is out because the flapping awning triggers it), an internal camera in the trailer for security, and another external camera on the rear of the trailer to serve as a trailcam. You need to be on Shore Power and have reliable WiFi for the Blink cameras to work correctly.

The cargo door locks on this brand new travel trailer are the crappiest locks I've ever seen. Plus, as most experienced RVers already know, the keys on these are all the same. Meaning (for example) if you own a Forest River then your cargo door lock keys will fit nearly every cargo door lock on every other Forest River product. The Front Door lock isn't the crappiest I've ever seen but it's sure not the best. I replaced the whole lot.

Update: The wireless lock and keyfob don't really work.
It works sometimes, maybe 50% of the time.
The buttons work, the actual key works, and it's a much better
quality lock than what came on the RV.
Still, I'm extremely disappointed with this product.

This is the cargo door lock. It's pop riveted to the damn door! Before I lubed these locks the key was very difficult to insert and once inserted turning it felt like scrapping gravel. Now the key inserts okay (could be better) and turns normally. The passenger cargo door lock actually locks, the driver's side cargo door lock does not lock.

  • 1. Leave the pop rivets alone.
  • 2. This black backing piece is plastic and flexible. Remove the 4 screws.
  • 3. From the bottom lift up the backing piece enough to get your finger in there and push out the old lock. Then from the front of the door insert the new lock. You might need to give it a smack to get it in. Put the screws back in. Test it.

These keyhole lights are very convenient and they're kinda like Bling for your rig.

How much propane do you have in the tanks? Nobody knows. Now I do. We use propane to power the refridgerator when we're on the road. Since it's a consumable resource I'd like to monitor my consumption of it. This monitor is extremely accurate and incredibly easy to install. You get some aluminum clips that attach to the bottom of the propane tank (not the green rubber spacers pictured). All they do is lift the tank a half inch for clearance for the sensor. The sensor (2 are included) is magnetic, sticks to the bottom of the propane tank. Don't forget to use the dielectric grease (included). The rest is even easier...
Tank Check User Manual.

OMG! The new mattress that came with this new Grand Design Imagine was indescribably horrible. It was so hard it was like sleeping on a concrete slab! We spent 4 weekends sleeping on it just to be sure we weren't whiners. Certifiably horrible!

Found this on Amazon after a lot of research. Probably would have been happy with a 10" mattress but they offered a 12" so why not be happier?

Awesome! This thing is heavy! (97 lbs.) You'll need help getting it in the door. It's compressed in a plastic wrap but expands quickly. It's a combination of a soft, plush top and a medium-firm bottom. It's awesome! Worth every penny! But now I have to replace the spring struts that hold the bed platform up...

I like the United States flag. I think it's the best looking flag in the galaxy. So I fly it on the back of my RV all the time. Problem: Can't see it at night. Solution: A flagpole light! I tried several that sucked. This one seems to not suck. (I think I bought the last one...)

I was born in, raised in, educated in, and volunteered to served in the military during Vietnam for the greatest country in the history of mankind - sorry Libs, you're all disgusting and I got nothing for ya!

Our RV is a second home to us and our dog. We use it as often as possible. When we use it we live in it, and we've personalized it a lot. This short list doesn't come close to all the little odds & ends we've added to our rig...
Good storage containers for the exterior cargo storage area.
Comfy hassock, lots of storage. Fits perfectly between both closed slides.
Keeps rain off the tongue jack. Looks neat and tidy. (Fades quickly.)
Keeps the hitch gear squared away. I like squared away.
If you have a gas oven you will need a pizza stone to ensure even heating in the oven.
Keep as much solid waste material out of the galley grey tank as possible to keep the galley grey tank operating perfectly.
This attaches inside the kitchen sink (adhesive). Soaps don't need to be stored for travel and are easy to use.
Attaches (adhesive) to refridgerator door, puts a kitchen towel right where you need it.
Use a spring tension rod to hang this in the shower.
Nightlights for either side of the bed. Not too bright, just bright enough, point them toward the floor.
We like a tropical decor. These table lamps are a massive improvement over the harsh overhead lighting in the trailer.
Dimmers for the table lamps. For when you only want a bit of light.

This isn't all of our upgrades or repairs. I'll be posting more as we move forward.

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