9/24/19: We had another catastrophic failure with the RV. (Hydraulic system and living room slide.) Nothing exploded, nothing caught fire, and nobody got hurt. Two RV Guys (Father & Son) spent nearly 8 hours getting the living room slide back into the RV so I could safely drive it. Absolutely gut-wrenching and heart-breaking is the only way to describe it. I was deeply emotionally invested in our 2004 Winnebago Adventurer 33V. For a time I seriously thought we'd just stop RVing altogether. When the intense dissapointment faded a bit I thought about how much we like Florida State Parks, how much we like hiking in Florida State Parks, and how much Bailey likes Florida State Parks and hiking. We can't just quit.

I've already put too much money into this RV and I'm just not willing to spend more money on it. After we get rid of this POS we're going to look at some Tow Vehicles and TTs (Travel Trailers). I won't be looking at 5th Wheels and I'll never consider another Class A.
I'll be looking at a slightly used TT... But a brand new TT isn't out of the question. I'll be avoiding Camping World like it was a toxic dump site, which it may very well be...
I started looking at SUVs mainly because I like them more than PickUp trucks. I quickly discovered that (all other things being equal) you can get significantly more towing capacity from a Pick'emUp than from an SUV. And I also quickly discovered that good old classic power still rules. V8s beat 6-cylinders for towing, period.

So, Step One in this process was buying a 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab STX:
WOW! What an awesome tow vehicle! Full towing package included (I still need a WDH (Weight Distribution Hitch)). This pick'em-up has Pro Trailer Tow Package w/101A, Pro Trailer Backup Assist (automagically back up the truck and trailer for you, I'll believe that when I see it), Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler, Engine Oil Cooler, Class IV Trailer Hitch Receiver, and Upgraded Front Stabilizer Bar. Maximum Conventional Towing Capabilities of 10,200 lbs. (Realistic towing capacity around 9,000 lbs., I'll want a cushion so I'll be backing that down to around 7,500 lbs). Power? Really massive power! Engine: 5.0L Ti-VCT V8. It can easily tow just about every small to medium-sized TT (Travel Trailer) out there. While we're looking at TTs I'll be junking up the F-150 with accessories...

Junking up my truck...
I still have to get a bed cover, install the DashCam, install the TireMinder (for the Trailer I don't have yet, the F-150 comes with Tire Pressure Monitoring)...

The truck looks great, runs great, drives great!

Time to go Trailer Shopping...

Welcome to our website. Nobody just runs out and buys an RV and everything is pretty flowers and little birdies. You have to learn a lot of stuff. You have to learn a lot of stuff before, during, and after you buy an RV. So we make note of much of that here because we've learned a lot along the way, we're still learning as we go, and we've learned a lot from other RVers on the Internets and that YouTube-thang.

But let's be honest, too much of what goes around the Internet and Youtube is boring and waay too much is self-serving. We'll try not to be boring and we aren't selling or even representing anything.

We like it simple: We drive around Florida in our RV with our dog visiting State and National parks and campgrounds, enjoying nature trails and hiking. That's it...

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Our 1ST Road Trip!
We needed to weigh our RV. Partly because I was getting nervous about adding all our gear and also because I wanted to drive this beautiful beast. It had NOTHING to do with the fact that the nearest weigh station had a Cinnabon right there.
We have plenty of load capacity remaining! Gotta get more stuff!

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